August 2013 Newsletter

After last month’s poll, it seems most of you enjoy the image based posts more, so I’ll keep that trend going with this month’s newsletter.  We’ve also addressed a few issues that were preventing the newsletter from getting out to everyone, so hopefully more of you will be receiving this one!

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By do this, it really helps us see who is out there, and also gives you a better way of keeping up to date on what we’ve been up to.  I’d love to keep talking because I’m awesome like that, but honestly, this week’s panelists came up with some great topics, and I just don’t think I can come up with anything to top them.  Though for the most part this month’s topics are a bit more ‘sci-fi’ oriented than usual, the science these guys bring to the table is still 100% there to back up what they are saying.  So without further rambling from me, enjoy as our scientists cover topics including the possibility if mind control in real life and the math behind the real potential of alien life!

Science Behind the Sci-Fi Panel Overview


This Month’s “Random Science News”

A heard some great direct feedback about the videos from last week as well, so I thought I’d keep that trend going this month as well.  So with out further adieu, here is your ‘Random Science News’ for August!

  • Think video games don’t have a place in real science?  Tell that to NASA’s JPL team, which took the Occulus Rift (Broken Crown owns a developers kit for this by the way!!) and used it to allow their team to simulate walking on Mars using images from the Curiosity Rover.  Here’s a video of it:
  • Video games weren’t the only form of entertainment to blend with science this month, as the two met on the big screen in ‘Europa Report’.  Many are saying this is one of the most scientifically accurate sci-fi movies in recent memory.  Here’s the movie’s trailer:
  • Perseids meteor shower occurred this month!  For those of you following us on social media, we through out a quick warning so you wouldn’t miss it.  If you did, here is a quick video of what you missed (skip to 5:18 in the video to get a good shot of the shower at its peak):

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I really appreciated the feedback from last month, so I thought I’d come back for more again.  Its about that time to start the search for new panelists if we are going to change things up, but before we do, we want your thoughts on what to keep and what to change up.  If you select that you’d like new topics, please feel free to offer up subjects or people you’d like us to contact about being next year’s annual featured panelist.

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July 2013 Newsletter

Another month gone by way too fast!  As I’m sure many of you will notice, we’ve made some changes to the newsletter to make it more visually stimulating, so we hope you like it! (Please leave us your give us your thoughts through the poll at the end of the post)  With that said though, I don’t want to keep you from the new layout any longer, so enjoy.

Science Behind the Sci-Fi Panel Overview

Jamie - Upright Botanical Brigade
Robert - Hypothalamus SSI - Self Healing
Jacob Haqq-Misra - Titan Underground Oceans
Amitai Bin-Nun - A Star is Born
  • Science Focus: Archeology and Science Outreach
  • Author: Scott Viguie J.D., PhD
  • Up Next Month: Ed Trollope, a UK Space Engineer and Director of, comes in to discuss the Drake Equation (equation looking at the possibility of life on other planets).

This Month’s “Random Science News”

I decided to change this section up a bit this month.  Just like the purpose of our games will be to expose players to science that wouldn’t usually learn about through main-stream media, I decided I wanted to change this section a bit to do the same and showcase some of the random science news I come across each month.  And as another twist, I decided it’d probably be a bit more fun this month if every news bit had video. 🙂

  • 3D Printing is gaining legs!! (couldn’t resist the pun)  But the major point here is, with 3D printing, technology is able to grow faster and more ‘production’ based as this toy robot can now be quickly manufactured.
  • SpaceX’s Falcon 9 is working on landing technology for their delivery rockets, helping to overcome one of the major cost setbacks of launching items into space.  To learn more & even see it in action, just fast forward the video below to 0:50.
  • Gearing the news a bit more around the home world for our upcoming game, Escaping Titan, take a listen to this month’s ScienceCast from NASA
  • And finally, here is an awesome article about work Harvard is doing to allow humans to control the thoughts of mice!  This research parallels with the SSI brain implant technology that will be found in the game and which has been spoken of in Robert Hampson’s Science Behind the Sci-Fi posts each month.  Although this article does also include a video, I didn’t want to include it as it does include animal testing and some readers here may be sensitive to that content.

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As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy some of this month’s content.  If you are liking what you hear though, we’d love to get your feedback, so if the poll above didn’t give you enough room to express your thoughts, feel free to comment below, or feel check out our forums and start sharing through threads of your own!
That’s all for this month, ciao.