Science Behind the Sci-Fi Newsletter: June, 2014

I: Introduction

Hello my friends to the June edition of the Science Behind the Sci-Fi newsletter!! We’ve been hard at work trying to get things moving forward and we have great news! Next month we’ll be resuming our monthly Science Behind the Sci-Fi Panels, and this time we’re moving to video! Check it out!

II: Science Behind the Sci-Fi

Great news! On Sunday, July 13th, we’ll be hosting our first video Science Behind the Sci-Fi Panel! The topic this time will be, “Looking Back to Look Forward: The Past, Present, and Future of Space Exploration”! On tap we have the following:

  • Amy Teitel – Spaceflight Historian & Blogger at Popular Science
  • Linda McNeil – Executive Director, Federation of Galaxy Explorers (FoGE)
  • Michael Paul – Mission Director, The Penn State Lunar Lion
  • And Other Guests!

You’ll be able to watch the video via a Google Live Hangout on our Google+ Page or our YouTube page! We’ll be starting at 11 AM Pacific/2PM Eastern time, so we hope you all can make it!

III: Fun Science News!

There’s been some fun sciencey spacey news in the last month to read, such as:

That’s it for now folks. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. Thanks for reading, and we’ll be back soon with more info on the Science Behind the Sci-Fi panels.


June 2014 Company Newsletter

Welcome to the first Broken Crown/Crayon company newsletter! This newsletter will recap what’s been going on over the company for the last month, including what we’ve been up to, what the latest various releases and posts are, and a taste of what’s to come in the upcoming month! With that said, let’s dive in!

I. Latest Posts

Here is the latest post over the last month!

We’ll have more posts as the next months ramp up with new releases, announcements and newsletters. Stay tuned!

II. Latest Happenings

Recently Tyler and the crew attended PAX East 2014 in Boston, MA and had a great time. We’re working on the post-mortem for the event, so stay tuned for that as it’ll be awesome.

The latest eBook for the Escaping Titan series just went out this past weekend, and it’s as awesome as always. If you want to experience the awesome for yourself, you can purchase your own eBook copies here.

III. Upcoming Items

On the Broken Crayon side of things, we’re in the process of hand selecting quality development studios with exciting new games!  If you know a developer looking to publisher, please feel free to have them contact us.  With that said, we do have a few new titles in the works that we’re very excited about!  Unfortunately non-disclosures have our lips sealed, but as soon as we can share we’ll shout it from the rooftops!

We’re also working internally on a new format for our Science Behind the Sci-Fi Panel offerings, but we can’t say much more than that at the moment. 😉

That should do it for this installment of our company newsletter. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to contact us at to let us know. Thanks for reading!

Science Behind the Sci-Fi Newsletter: May, 2014

I: Introduction

Welcome friends to the new and soon-to-be-improved Science Behind the Sci-Fi Newsletter. We had a small break there, but don’t you worry, we’re working hard to bring you the most interesting topics from the brightest minds around. We’re working hard to breathe new life into the Science Behind the Sci-Fi panel, and we’ve been busy with some other stuff as well!

If you’re unaware, we’ve halted production on the Escaping Titan game for a multitude of reasons. We still plan to bring the game to release, but we want to make sure it’s the best possible game we can make. In the meantime, we’ve been working on the ebooks from our recent Kickstarter that flesh out the Broken Crown universe with respect to the narrative surrounding Escaping Titan.  If you missed the Kickstarter, don’t fret, you can purchase them here as they become available.

Our sister company, Broken Crayon, has been busy with new games, and we were just at PAX East 2014 to promote both companies, so stay tuned for a postmortem of the show as well. You’re here for Science Behind the Sci-Fi though, so let’s tell you what’s going on with that:

II: Science Behind the Sci-Fi

We’re working to bring back the regular Science Behind the Sci-Fi installments this June! We’re looking to find exceptional scientists to talk about a range of topic, as well as hosts to moderate the discussion. Why do we need hosts? We’re moving to a new video format!

This will hopefully make the entire endeavor not only more accessible for our fans, but also easier for us to make, meaning there shouldn’t be any further gaps like this one. Stay tuned for more info on the resumption of Science Behind the Sci-Fi next month, and if there’s any particular topic or personality you’d like us to cover, please feel free to let us know!

III: Fun Science News!

As we love both science and sci-fi, we’re also going to be on the lookout for fun, engaging science stories that could totally fit into the sci-fi realm, from Mars rovers to new forms of propulsion and everything in between. Here’s what’s been happening recently!

That’s it for now folks. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. Thanks for reason, and we’ll be back soon with more info on the Science Behind the Sci-Fi panels.

November 2013 Science Newsletter

We hope all of our American readers had a great Thanksgiving.  Its also an extremely rare Hanukkah which coincided with Thanksgiving this year (won’t happen for another 77,798 years) which is pretty cool.  So to those that celebrate Hanukkah, we wish you a Happy Hanukkah as well!

With the best wishes out of the way, for the November season anyway :-),  let’s move onto the science!

Science Behind the Sci-Fi Panel Overview

This Month’s “Random Science News”

This month I have one awesome piece of Random Science News, which was actually submitted by one of your fellow fans (and a volunteer army member of the Escaping Titan development team), C. Garig:
  • Dr. Frankenstein in real-life?  OK, not really.  ABC likes to exaggerate, but still an amazing scientific advancement by the researchers at Yale and Harvard.
  • Have you heard of some cool science news that you think we should share?  Reach out via the comments section below and let us know!

That does it for this month’s newsletter – short and sweet.  We here at Broken Crown Games want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season this upcoming December month!

Best wishes,

October 2013 Science Newsletter (WITH SPECIAL COMPANY UPDATE!)

Happy Halloween everyone!

This month went by incredibly fast for us.  For those of you that might not have already heard, our sister company, Broken Crayon Games (notice the family relation), released their very first game, Wizardous: An Apprentice’s Betrayal.  It’s an incredibly fun (although at times frustrating – by design) mobile game.  You can pick it up for all of the major mobile devices.

The game is FREE until Nov. 1st (NO ads, NO in-app purchases… just free) in order to give those who show us early support something in return!  The version in stores currently is only a Promo version and is missing the final levels, however if you download it now while it’s FREE, you’ll be updated to the final complete version on Nov. 14th!

Here are links to the game in stores:


Google Play:



Though there are a lot of great things I could talk about with this game, it’s a bit off-topic for this newsletter.  If you’d like to learn more, feel free to check out the Wizardous website.

Alright, so enough about Broken Crayon Games and Wizardous — you’re all here because you support Broken CROWN Games and Escaping Titan, which is all about getting the science behind our sci-fi right.  So onto the science!

Science Behind the Sci-Fi Panel Overview

  • Science Focus: Physics
  • Author: David S. Latchman – David holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago with specialization in Environmental & Medical Physics. David is a freelance science writer whose work has appeared in Next Door Magazine. His blog, The Quantum Tunnel, focuses on the science featured in popular movies and TV shows. He can be found on Google+ and on Twitter.

This Month’s “Random Science News”

We’ve got a range of topics for this week, including Saturn and Titan updates, Mars news, and a cancer-related “vaccine” (cell therapy really).
That about does it for this week’s Broken Crown Games science newsletter.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Have a safe and Happy Halloween, but before you go out on that candy grab, don’t forget to check us out on social media, like Facebook and Twitter, for the latest in Broken Crown Games’ news!

September 2013 Newsletter

The leaves are changing color here in State College, Pennsylvania, the place of our new home office, which means another September has come and gone.  We’re all settled in here after a few bumps and bruises this month, but the rest of the team around the country has been keeping things running smooth for us!  Here is a quick peek at what has been happening on the science front this month:

Science Behind the Sci-Fi Panel Overview

  • Science Focus: Astronomy – The Fermi Paradox
  • Author: Andrew Rushby – A PhD student at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in the United Kingdom, Andrew’s research is based in the Laboratory for Global Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry (LGMAC), and is broadly focused on planetary habitability and modelling the biogeochemical processes taking place both on the Earth and extrasolar planets. He also writes about exoplanets and astrobiology at several sites across the web, and was short-listed for the Guardian and Welcome Trust Science Writing Prize 2012.

This Month’s “Random Science News”

Though it’s been a crazy month, I made sure to find time to peruse the internet like always and find some cool science news for all of you keeping up to date with our posts.  Here’s what I’ve found:

  • I’ve been working on the short stories for the Escaping Titan Sourcebook, coming out in a few months, which had me thinking about the validity of a few of my sci-fi Mars construction ideas which then had me out searching the internet for some science to support my sci-fi.  Here are some awesome posts from this month that support some of the construction you’ll see in our sci-fi!  Article on 3D printing of subsurface houses on Mars.
  • And speaking of Mars, I wanted to keep everyone up to date on the Mars One mission since I discussed it a few months back when they first started taking applications.  To see how their effort to colonize Mars is going, check out this update on  But with everyone trying to colonize Mars lately, this article discusses the chance of the crews on Mars going crazy!

Well, that should be enough articles to keep you reading for awhile, so I’ll let you get to it.  Hope you enjoyed this month’s newsletter, and don’t forget to check us out on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for reading,


August 2013 Newsletter

After last month’s poll, it seems most of you enjoy the image based posts more, so I’ll keep that trend going with this month’s newsletter.  We’ve also addressed a few issues that were preventing the newsletter from getting out to everyone, so hopefully more of you will be receiving this one!

Finally, since we hopefully have everyone’s attention, we just wanted to ask that you:

  1. ‘Like’ us on Facebook
  2. ‘Follow’ us on Twitter

By do this, it really helps us see who is out there, and also gives you a better way of keeping up to date on what we’ve been up to.  I’d love to keep talking because I’m awesome like that, but honestly, this week’s panelists came up with some great topics, and I just don’t think I can come up with anything to top them.  Though for the most part this month’s topics are a bit more ‘sci-fi’ oriented than usual, the science these guys bring to the table is still 100% there to back up what they are saying.  So without further rambling from me, enjoy as our scientists cover topics including the possibility if mind control in real life and the math behind the real potential of alien life!

Science Behind the Sci-Fi Panel Overview


This Month’s “Random Science News”

A heard some great direct feedback about the videos from last week as well, so I thought I’d keep that trend going this month as well.  So with out further adieu, here is your ‘Random Science News’ for August!

  • Think video games don’t have a place in real science?  Tell that to NASA’s JPL team, which took the Occulus Rift (Broken Crown owns a developers kit for this by the way!!) and used it to allow their team to simulate walking on Mars using images from the Curiosity Rover.  Here’s a video of it:
  • Video games weren’t the only form of entertainment to blend with science this month, as the two met on the big screen in ‘Europa Report’.  Many are saying this is one of the most scientifically accurate sci-fi movies in recent memory.  Here’s the movie’s trailer:
  • Perseids meteor shower occurred this month!  For those of you following us on social media, we through out a quick warning so you wouldn’t miss it.  If you did, here is a quick video of what you missed (skip to 5:18 in the video to get a good shot of the shower at its peak):

Share your thoughts!

I really appreciated the feedback from last month, so I thought I’d come back for more again.  Its about that time to start the search for new panelists if we are going to change things up, but before we do, we want your thoughts on what to keep and what to change up.  If you select that you’d like new topics, please feel free to offer up subjects or people you’d like us to contact about being next year’s annual featured panelist.

Thanks for reading,