About Us

Welcome to the official newsletter blog of Broken Crown Games, LLC!

Who we are:

Broken Crown Games is an independent video game development studio with a focus on making hard sci-fi video games (“hard sci-fi” is a term used in the sci-fi community used to refer to fictional content attempting to be scientifically accurate).

Our mission:

Similar to how Indiana Jones once inspired a generation to learn more about the field of Archeology through movie entertainment, we want to make the games that inspire generations to look learn more about science.  The entertainment industry has the advantage of capturing the attention of a large, broad audience base, but has often neglected to responsibly take advantage of the opportunity.  It is the mission of Broken Crown Games to change that by using entertainment games to reach the general public, including those previously lacking a personal connection to, or interest in, science topics and hopefully spark their interest in the real-world S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) research and theory.

Where else can you find us?


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