Science Newsie Catchup for November, 2014

Hey y’all, let me tell ya, November was one craaaa-haaaaa-haaaazy month, and so I apologize, but some things on my end fell by the wayside, but I’m here now to try and make up for that with one of the best parts of the Science Behind the Sci-Fi newsletters, the sciencey stuff! 🙂 The holidays should be a little brighter with some spacey goodness, so here goes!!

  • Apollo’s Younger Brother to Debut This Week: The Orion manned space probe — the first long-range manned space probe since the Apollo missions over forty years ago — is set to make its debut test flight this week, which will HOPEFULLY usher in a new era of space exploration should it be successful. Here’s to hoping!
  • Gaining InSight into Mars: NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories have begun the final assembly and testing of their next generation Mars rover, InSight. As a huge fan of the rover program, I am giddy to see how this one performs.
  • It’s a Liquid! It’s a Gas! It’s Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Scientists recently theorized that, as humans live on water, aliens could live on “supercritical” carbon dioxide, which can exist as both a liquid and a gas at the same time! CRAZY!
  • Giving Thanks from Orbit: Of the astronauts on the International Space Station, two American and one Italian took last Thursday off to celebrate Thanksgiving, and shared a cute little video with us as well!

That’s it for now folks, hope that keeps y’all going until next time. Have a great week! 🙂


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