Science Behind the Sci-Fi Newsletter: August 2014

I: Introduction

Hello my friends, and welcome to the August edition of the Science Behind the Sci-Fi newsletter! August brought our second Science Behind the Sci-Fi Panel, and we’ve got even more planned! Check it out!

II: Science Behind the Sci-Fi

For this month’s panel, the topic was “Stresses of Living in a Multi-Planet Society,” with guests science and tech journalist Kate Greene (who will be our new host!), Blue Marble Space Founder Sanjoy Som and President of Brazen Wrench Productions, Scott Viguie!

For September, we’re going to have a very special guest, so I am totally not gonna give it away right now and tell you to stay tuned. 😉

III: Fun Science News!

There was some fun sciencey news over the last month, so let’s take a look!

That’s it for this issue my friends. Be sure to tune into us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to keep up with the latest developments on our ebook releases, future Science Behind the Sci-Fi panels and more! Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day/month! 🙂


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