January 2013 Newsletter

Hi everyone,
As this is our first time reaching out, let me just start by saying thank you for registering for our science newsletter!   For right now, all of our outreach will just be a normal, personal email because we haven’t set up an official newsletter service.  Unfortunately that means no fancy pictures or font, but that’s fine with us, we’re a small indie company so we like the personal feel anyhow.  🙂
All of you have registered on our website to receive our ‘Science’ newsletters, and as part of this newsletter you will receive a monthly email summarizing this month’s featured ‘Science Behind the Sci-Fi’ posts on the forums.  If you haven’t already, we’d absolutely love for you to join our forums and ask our panelists some questions about their work or start a topic of your own in our ‘General Discussion’ section.  The community is still growing, but if you like what you see so far we’d be grateful if you can help by just spreading the word to friends.
So now that I’m done with my speel, for those of you who haven’t already checked them out, here are this month’s ‘Science Behind the Sci-Fi’ topics:
  • What’s for Dinner?
    • By: Jamie Boyer, Paleobotany panelist
    • Description: Jamie discusses what the most likely plant food source would be for long-term space travel.
  • Brain and Brain: What is Brain?
    • By: Robert Hampson, Neuroscience panelist
    • Description: Robert overviews the general layout and function of the major parts of the brain.
  • Methane Rains on Titan
    • By: Jacob Haqq-Misra, Astrobiology panelist
    • Description: Jacob covers the effect a methane rich atmosphere will have on Titan weather.
  • The Broken Crown Event
    • By: Alma Ruiz, Guest panelist
    • Description: Alma explores the science behind the possibility of a solar flare causing an apocalyptic event on Earth.
Hope you enjoy this month’s featured posts; thanks again for your support!
– Tyler

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